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About our project:

The Sacramento Valley Professional Chapter has a water supply project in Caballero, Panama. Caballero is a rural community about 3 1/2 hours from Panama City. In the 1980's the Panama government built a water pipeline in the community to deliver potable spring water directly to taps in homes. When the pipeline was first built, the system served about 150 homes. Since initital construction, an additional 800+ households in the growing community have tapped into the system with little to no upgrads in the system. As a result, the system is now trying to serve more homes than water avaliable from the sources used in the inital construction. The southern portion of the community, furthest from the water sources, often experiences weeks to months at a time without water service; and silty water periodically during the rainy season. 

The goal of the project is to work with the community to redesign portions of the water distribution system so that all homes have routine potable water service throughout the year. We are also working to teach community members best practices for operations, maintenance, repairs, and future expansion practices of the water system. By striving to reach this goal, we hope to work with the community to create a sustainable water distribution system.

The system is managed by an elected group of community members, called La Junta, who serve voluntarily to maintain the system and collect the household fees for the sustainability of the project. We have been working with La Junta, who have been very proactive, on system design and improvments to increase water access. La Juntas active approach and collaboration has made the project sucessful. Our team is truly excited, hopeful, and eager to work with the community of Caballero to develop a sustainable water distribution system that will continue to supply reliable potable water to the entire growing communty. With your help we will be one step forward in reaching our goal. 

We truly appreciate and look forward to any support you can provide. If you have any questions about the project, getting involved or donating, please contact Michelle Kolb at Thank you!


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