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Since 2014, the EWB RTP Professionals chapter has been working with the community of Calanté, in the greater Uspantan region, to provide a sustainable and year-round water source. Calanté is a village located at a high altitude in the majestic Guatemalan countryside. The only source of moderately clean water during the six month dry season is a spring 180 meters below the village. In order to provide water for their families, the men and women of the village hike to the spring and fill 5-gallon containers with water. They then carry the roughly 40 pound containers on their backs, using a tow strap affixed to their foreheads, up-mountain under the strong Guatemalan sun. After making the impressive trek, the people of Calanté still faced the challenge of water purification.


That is where we come in! The goal of this project is to provide a reliable and convenient source of potable water that the community of Calanté can use throughout the year, during both the dry and wet seasons. This will not only help to provide a steady source of water for the uses of drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene, but will also eliminate the wasted time and effort spent hauling water over such a long distance. Through this, the EWB RTP chapter hopes to help Calanté in improving the overall quality of life of its citizens.


How can YOU help?

  • Donate today -- whether $5 or $500, you're engineering change
  • $30 will buy 2 bags of concrete (~70 bags needed)
  • $50 will buy 125 lbs of rebar for a pump vault (~3,500 lbs needed)
  • $70 will buy 8 ft of steel pipe (~1,688 ft needed)
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Learn more about our chapter at www.rtpewb.com/

Find us on facebook at www.facebook.com/Engineers-Without-Borders-USA-RTP-Professionals-376764785733435/ 


Questions? Email us at ewb.usa.rtp@gmail.com


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